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Avacade Reviews Common Questions About Melina

When you invest in forestry, it’s important to choose a particular kind of tree that you know something about. Since most of us know little about the forestry business, this means doing some research on the front end. Certainly, Avacade’s […]

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Avacade Reviews Common Questions about Forestry

Avacade ReviewsAvacade is a company devoted to providing investors with green, socially responsible, and financially sound investment options—and as such, Avacade reviews each of its investment partners’product offerings rigorously to ensure crucial due diligence is carried outAvacacde and its investment partners evaluate every investment opportunity, and are vigilant in passing along only the best investment options to their investors.

Specifically, investing through Avacade offers forestry investments. This is exactly what it sounds like: When you invest through Avacade, you are essentially taking ownership of trees, which are highly sought-after. As the trees grow, so does their value, and so does the demand for them—making for a potent investment opportunity, and a green one, to boot.

It might surprise you to learn how many forestry investors there are—and how smart these investments can prove. Did you know, for instance, that forestry is the second most traded commodity in the world, followed only by crude oil? Did you also know that it is the only commodity that has risen in value through three of the four most recent market crashes?

This is what investing through Avacade offers you: A chance to invest in commodities that have steady and rising value. More than that, it offers you the chance to develop an investment plan in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. For more on what investing through Avacade has to offer, read on.

Considering the Avacade Reviews

One mark of the company’s success is the high volume of positive testimonials and reviews that is receives from its clients. Here’s one real example: “I would like to thank Avacade for the help and the investment opportunities presented to me. The gentleman I dealt with ensured that the investment process was handled efficiently and I was kept fully informed. After listening to my requirements, the investments presented were excellent. I will in the future be investing more capital throughAvacade.”

There are more solid Avacade reviews where that one came from. Take these words of endorsement: “I would not hesitate to endorse Avacade and indeed have done so on numerous occasions. May our prosperity together continue.”

And here is one final example: “I telephoned Avacade to take them up on their free pension report service. In a very short time they retrieved my transfer value. I decided to transfer into a SIPP which enabled me to take a tax-free cash lump sum and leave the balance to grow with Avacade’s investments. Avacade is first class for service, administration, and easy to talk to.”

Avacade Reviews Common Questions About Forestry Investments

These reviews all speak to the company’s trustworthiness and reliability. However, there are still further indications that the company is a solid one. One example is the willingness Avacade shows in educating its investors, and answering common questions about its investment products. In the paragraphs that follow, Avacade reviews some typical inquiries about forestry investments.

What are some of the advantages of investing in forestry?

This is a question that we have addressed already. Again, forestryrepresents the second largest traded commodity in the world following crude oil. The UN predicts a 50 percent increase in the demand for timber and wood products by 2050, and political pressure and ethical responsibility can help to ensure that managed plantation wood encompasses a significant part of this demand.

How is the land for these timber investments chosen?

The land is chosen only after careful, rigorous scrutiny. Before any land is selected by Avacade’s investment partners, it must first pass several tests to ensure that its soil and its climate are favorable for growing trees. The land also needs to have a long track record of fertility.

Who owns all of these trees, anyway?

As an investor, you do! You’re not taking partial ownership in these trees, but full ownership. You own the trees and you own the cropping rights, and you are free to direct the harvesting and sale of these trees as you wish, or else to rely on the strategies offered by Avacade.

Avacade Reviews Further Forestry FAQ

The company provides a few more answers below.

Am I allowed to visit the plantation where all of my trees are grown?

Not only are you allowed, but you are encouraged to. Again, you own these trees, and it is well within your rights to meet the managers, to see how your trees are doing, and to tour the planation. The location of the plantation depends on which investment products you choose, of course—and they include Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and Malaysia.

In what ways is this a “green” investment?

There are many different answers that we could offer here, but one of the most important ones is to note that these trees are never planted in place of existing forests. That is, no existing forest is ever cut down. Your trees are planted on existing plantations or in pasturelands that are made into plantation land.

What about forest fires, floods, and diseases?

There are really three questions here:

n  As to fires: The sites of these plantations are tropical, which means they get a lot of rain—making forest fires highly unlikely.

n  At the same time, the plantations are situated well outside of the flood zones. Flash flooding is possible, but this does not affect the trees as they grow.

n  As for diseases, these are avoidable through good management.

Avacade at a Glance

The bottom line is that this investment company is nothing if not reputable—but again, simply look at some of its investor testimonials. Says one investor: “Any problems or questions that I had were dealt with by giving a call and any issues were resolved quickly and explained in ways that did not confuse me more. In the end, the whole process was dealt with professionally and quickly. It was a lot less hassle than I originally anticipated.”

These Avacade reviews speak volumes—and what they tell us is that this is a company that investors really feel comfortable with. On top of that, the company has a reputation for ethics, for transparency, for environmentalism—and, of course, for protecting investors. Avacade reviews all of the latest data from the forestry world, and ensures that its products are all designed for maximum returns.

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